Complete 2011 WWE Supplemental Draft Results

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The Supplemental Draft took place today on


The first pick is Daniel Bryan to Smackdown.

This is Bryan’s first time as member of the Friday night roster. He made his debut in the WWE on NXT and then became an official member of the RAW roster in 2010.


The second pick in the draft is Jack Swageer to RAW.

This is not the first time for Swagger to be a member of the RAW roster. After starting his WWE television career on Tuesday nights ECW, Swagger came to RAW in June of 2009.


The third pick in the draft is Great Khali to Smackdown.

Great Khali has been on Smackdown before. He had his one and only World Heaveyweight Championship reign on Smackdown.


The fourth pick in the draft is Jimmy Uso to Smackdown.

This will be Jimmy Uso’s first time on the Smackdown roster after he and his twin brother Jey Uso made their WWE television debuts on RAW in 2010.


The fifth pick in the draft is Kelly Kelly to RAW.

Kelly Kelly spent a couple years on RAW before being drafted to Smackdown in 2010.