WWE RAW Results (4/25) – 2011 Draft, Huge Moves!


WWE Monday Night RAW

April 25th 2011

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

RAW Opener:

RAW starts right off with a battle royal pitting Smackdown against RAW, and Kane and Khali are suprisingly eliminated early. Zeke is next, and Smackdown almost gets Sheamus, but Masters, Slater and Barrett all get tossed instead. DiBiase gets thrown over the top rope and Brodus and Mark Henry eliminate each other, and Big Show takes care of Yoshi Tatsu. McIntyre saves Cody from elimination and tosses Sheamus, then we go to a commercial as Santino tries to throw him over the top rope.

When we get back it is 4 on 4 until Bourne flips McIntyre over the ropes, but Big Show evens it up when he makes Santino hit himself with a Cobra. Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan are next, and it’s down to Show and Kofi against Mason Ryan and Bourne. Ryan works on Show in the corner while Kofi and Bourne try to take each other out on the apron. A couple of close calls by both guys then Bourne tries to dive on Show but Show catches him mid air and throws him out to the floor. Show fights off Mason Ryan and tosses him out and Smackdown wins the first draft pick.

Winners – Smackdown (Big Show and Kofi Kingston)

The first pick is JOHN CENA, this is shades of 2005 as the franchise is moving to Friday nights! They show the locker rooms and Smackdown loves it and RAW can’t believe it. Cena comes out to the stage and puts on a SD! shirt and tells the camera looks like he is going to Fridays. (I thought he might move but doing it as the first pick is huge, and this should be a good night)

Todd Grisham gets an interview with the newest draft pick, and he makes some Back To The Future references then says he will go back to Smackdown, and he will take the WWE Title with him. Miz comes up to him and says he doesn’t think so because after Sunday, Miz can’t see Cena on RAW anymore!