Exclusive: Multiple Wrestlers Pulling Out of UK’s 1PW Event

If you’re in the UK and were considering purchasing tickets (or already have) to the 1PW events for the weekend of May 27th-29th, you may want to reconsider or at the very least, be sure to look for updates on who will actually be appearing that weekend.  I have been calling around trying to get more information and at this point, I can say that the following individuals have pulled out of the event:

– Kevin Nash

– Sean Waltman

– Road Dogg BG James

– Kip James

– Diamond Dallas Page

– Kevin Thorne

Unless something changes, those six wrestlers will not be on the show as advertised.  Scott Hall was originally scheduled as well, but due to recent events, 1PW made the decision not to bring him in and were offering prorated discounts on packages that included him if fans had already purchased them. 

DDP posted the following on Twitter yesterday: "Oh Yeah btw that Ass promoter over in the UK is totally CONing everyone saying I’m coming to his a event to do a Q&A go get your money back."  He also responded to a fan by saying "sorry bro the promoter from UK is CON man… He sent me enough to think I was coming. That’s why I never said where I was to be"

Sean Waltman posted the following tweets as well: "For the record Im not going to be at 1PW. I wish I was, however that will not be the case." "1PW Needs to quit advertising us." and this was in response to a fan saying he was hoping to see him there "Sorry. Me too. But Im not travelling across the Atlantic to get shafted."

Brian James (Road Dogg) announced via Facebook that those dates in May are now open and if anyone is interested in booking him and Kip James as a tag team that weekend, they’ll be sure to give you a good deal.  To book Road Dogg and Kip James, contact Brian through his official Facebook page

Kevin Nash had posted on his Twitter a couple of weeks ago that he would not be appearing at the May event, but it seemed as if issues with the promoter somehow got worked out and he was back on as scheduled.  A source told me that Nash is dropping out now too unless his problem with the company gets handled as soon as possible. 

Kevin Thorn Fertig said the following on his Twitter: "Looks like @1PW won’t be happening either as I am not swimming across the atlantic to get there! SORRY UK." He later posted "WRESTLERS we all need to Be on the same Page get contracts and hold people up to the arrangements/agreements that they/Promoters agree Upon". 

Most of the aforementioned stars are pulling out due to no deposits being given to them.  One wrestler involved told me, "There’s just been too many red signs.  I haven’t heard anything from the guy about my deposit or my airfare, yet they’re promoting me as if I’m a sure thing."

I heard that one wrestler’s deposit check bounced.

1PW promoter, Danny, is apparently out of pocket until May 10th, so refunds for the event will not be handled until after that.  The following statement was posted today on 1PW’s official Facebook page: "Ridiculous – So, as Twitter seems to be the new form of communication in letting people know they have decided to "pull out" if people are wanting refunds then please email sales@oneprowrestling.com with your name and order number. Please Note Danny is away until May 10th so no refunds can be started until then, BUT there is still at least 6 American imports on the card still despite the drop outs."

I’m assuming that the number of "6 American imports on the card" has decreased even more in the last few hours.  I believe Colt Cabana and David "Kid Kash" are both still being advertised for the show.  No word on whether that has changed recently or not.

An interesting story though for our UK visitors and fans of 1PW.  Visit their official website at www.oneprowrestling.com.