Scott Hall’s Ex-Wife Discusses His Latest Issues & Condition

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Hall also hasn’t had much luck seeing his own family.

Ex-wife Dana says Hall has had little contact with 16-year-old daughter Cassidy or 19-year-old son Cody.

“He hasn’t seen Cassidy since August 2010. I don’t think he has seen Cody in almost two years. They may have had one or two brief phone calls since then, but nothing that I know of. He calls inconsistently and texts him, and Cody doesn’t respond.”

Dana, who fears that her children have suffered irreparably from the family dysfunction, says her son won’t communicate with his father “until Scott gets in rehab and away from the enablers he is with.”

“They hold it in,” she says of her children. “They hate to talk about it, but they accept that they don’t have a father or a normal life.”

Dana Hall, 48, says she stopped responding to her ex-husband months ago.

“The last time I talked to him face to face was when I took Cassidy to the hospital to tell him goodbye last August. It was a horrible scene. He had been doing crack cocaine for days and had used all the money in the account he wrote the child support check on and it had bounced.

“I have cut off his contact with me and the kids, and ignore his calls, texts and messages to me, which are 99 percent negative and nasty when he is drunk. At this point, he can have no contact with us unless I know his intentions. Actions speak louder than words.”