Exclusive: Dana Lee Hall’s Final Words Regarding Scott

The following is from Scott Hall’s ex-wife, Dana:

Thanks to everyone who "gets" this. Anyone who saw that video or pics from his stunt a few weeks ago can not possibly believe this man is ok and not in a very desperate place, which is what upset me and caused me to speak out so loudly-desperate times call for desperate measures, so I apologize, but it was the only way to get the truth out.

Scott is/was a wrestler, where else would I speak out except where his fans and friends could hear? Everyone says maybe when he hits his bottom? Scott has no bottom, his bottom is death. The things that have happened to this man over and over again all should have been wake-up calls but they never were. A pacemaker for gods sake should have been his bottom and cue to retire completely. Scott only cares about wrestling, drugs and alcohol…he is consumed by it, he lives it and breathes it and there is no room for anything or anyone else, especially anything real or normal. There is no off switch in his head. Believe me, I have tried everything possible to get thru to this man, and made about as much of an ass out of myself as he has.

When my son came home from seeing his dad for first time in almost 2 years last night disappointed because 90% of the time he was there all Scott talked about was wrestling, he left there with no hope either, but at least he got his closure which was what I wanted for him. Not sure how my daughter will get that, because unless he stays in treatment, in a safe place, there is no way he can have contact with her. I know he will not stay, he will either leave or get himself kicked out like he always does, in the next few days if he hasn’t already, despite what he might have said or told the guys. I understand Kevin not being able to give him the verbal ass-kicking wtf intervention talk he needed, because Scott had him at "hello", and a smile, he gets you everytime. We should know better by now, at least I do…talking to the lady who married him TWICE!

Scott’s only hope of remaining alive is if he does not leave that hospital and goes straight to a lockdown treatment center. His only other option is being court-ordered to jail or rehab due to his violations of probation, or his family committing him. None of this will happen either, because the system sucks and his family will not do it, he has them at "hello" too. Sober or not, the damage he has done to his brain and his body can’t be undone. NOTHING ANY OF US SAY OR DO WILL CHANGE THIS. He won’t do it for his kids even now. Actions speak louder than words.

Please just pray for his children now and their futures after this all plays out There will be an open letter in the Charleston Post and Courier on Easter Sunday, I am sure it will get around to all who care to hear. I have to worry about me and the kids right now, and let him do his thing. I’ve was very quiet for a long time but after his most recent public embarassment, and the horrifying videos, it was kind of hard to sit and say nothing on behalf of our children. I am not going to keep begging this man to want to live, or to care about his children, or be a dad, anymore…he had his one last opportunity, when he leaves this hospital and if he doesn’t go directly to treatment, the door is closed. We have to let him go. Wrestling, drugs, alcohol "winning",…we LOSE. Scott doesn’t want to live in reality, he wants to live and die his gimmick. That is the very sad truth of it all.

Thanks Kevin and Sean and those of you who "get" this.