WWE House Show Results (4/21): Brussels, Belgium

Thanks to Julien Giloteau for sending this in:

Here are the results for the Smackdown world tour / Wrestlemania revenge tour 2011 House show at Brussels (04/21/2011).

1.       Battle Royale Match “Over the top rop” to face Wade Barret for the intercontinental championship.

Participants : Chavo Guerrero, JTG, Tyler Reks, Chris Masters, Kofi Kingston,  Jack Swagger, Brodius Clay, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Ezekiel Jackson & Trent Baretta

Winner : Kofi Kingston with a Trouble in Paradise

2.       Chavo Guero vs. Tyler Reks

Winner : OooOh Chavo  

3.       Diva’s Match : Layla & Rosa Mendes vs. Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix

Winners : Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix

4.       Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger

Winner : Jack Swagger with an ankle lock

5.       For the Tag Team Championship : Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel  vs. Kane & The Big Show

Winners & still tag team champions : Kane & The Big Show with an HUGE double chokeslam

6.       For the Intercontinental Championship : Wade Barret vs. Kofi Kingston

Winner & still intercontintal champion : Wade Barret with … the intervention of Ezekiel Jackson

Note :  Kingston threw a T-shirt in the crowd (first row), Jackson took the tshirt back from the happy fan and threw it to another one … not very cool . Few minutes later … Barret offered a Kofi shirt to  a kid … then took it back from him to tear it up … in front of the crying kid …

7.       Wrestlemania Rematch : Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes

Note : Cody Rhodes found it interesting to address kids & Rey’s fans with following : “I wear a mask because I have too … you do because you are ugly”

Winner : Rey Mysterio

8.       Special Guest : EDGE SAYING GOODBYE … Great moment !!! Untill … the arrival of Alberto Del Rio … without his announcer.

Del Rio asked Edge to fight him, asked him to admit he made him retire … Del Rio didn’t know Edge had been granted “special powers” by the general manager… Edge could choose an opponent, moment & match type for Del Rio.

Edge’s opponent choice : Christian  !!!  Edge’s moment choice : right now !!!  Edge’s match type … he let the crowd decide … and it became a …. “Brussels” Street Fight !!!

Chairs & Bamboo sticks made Del Rio running away backstage … Christian got him back into the ring  (where he was superficially hurt by the bamboo stick).

When he was about to pin Del Rio after, guess what … a Killswitch. Edge reappeared and asked him a SPEAR ! The whole crowd went crazy “SPEAR SPEAR SPEAR!”

Finally speared Del Rio disappeared, boo’d by the Rated-R crowd ! 

Winner :  Captain Charisma : Christian !

Note :  Del Rio tought usefull to shred a “peeps” banner made by a fan before Christian arrived … again : not very cool.


We got the “pose” by Edge and Christian and shared a very good moment with those superstars, some of them left only 15 minutes after the show, signing autographs & taking pictures !

(Especially Edge, Christian and Rey Mysterio)!