Bret Hart Confused By WWE Banning The Word “Wrestling”

In a new interview with The UK Sun, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart had the following to say about WWE removing "wrestling" from its name, and how the company has banned the word’s use:

"I’m kind of scratching my head about that. I don’t know that it makes any difference. Wrestling is wrestling. Call it whatever name you want, it’s still wrestling. I think WWE is synonymous with wrestling. If WWE doesn’t stand for World Wrestling Entertainment then what does it stand for?"

"It may be a case of Vince trying to monopolise wrestling even more than he has. I think a lot of the wrestlers today, judging by the styles they have, they are wrestlers. They are not bodybuilders or powerlifters or strongmen like in the days of Hulk Hogan, where it was more the look. The young stars today don’t want to be Hulk Hogan. They want to be Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels." You can read the entire article if you CLICK HERE.