Detailed Results From The EVOLVE Wrestling 7 iPPV Event

EVOLVE 7 from Manhattan, NY (Broadcast live on

Thanks to Chris GST and for the following EVOLVE 7 results via Kevin Ford of

1.Shiima Xion defeated Jimmy Jacobs. Post match Xion cut a weird promo but ultimately stated he was using Jacobs as a stepping stone to get into EVOLVE

2. Silas Young defeated Tony Nese. Young is a great talent as always and Nese was truly impressive here. Larry Dallas and Reby Sky were watching from the sidelines. Silas then addressed both Gargano, Dallas, and Sky and apparently it was not positive as it was apparent that Dallas was holding Sky back from going after Young.

3. Johnny Gargano defeated Jon Davis. Gargano won with a crossface. Chuck Taylor and Dallas come out and Dallas tells Gargano and Taylor that he wants them to share the top spot in EVOLVE since they are a team. Neither of them seemed to agree to this.

4. Team CHIKARA (Jigsaw and Frightmare) defeated Facade and Jason Gory. The tributes to Larry Sweeney continue as we got a fist drop from Jigsaw. All four guys were impressive.

5. Sami Callihan defeated the debuting Zack Sabre Jr. Callihan won with a stretch muffler with repeated kicks to the head.

6. AR Fox defeated Rich Swann. AR Fox wins with the "Low Maintain", which is springboard Spanish fly. Unbelievable action in such a short frame of time.

7. Chuck Taylor defeated Akira Tozawa. Taylor won via Awful Waffle. Really good back and forth action. Taylor and Gargano face off in a tie-breaker face off match

8. Johnny Gargano defeated Chuck Taylor. Dallas makes Reby Sky throw in the towel when Gargano has Taylor in a crossface. Gargano gets the win and is now 6-2 and the win leader in EVOLVE. Chuck leaves angry while the fans chant "You screwed Chuck." Gargano says "Chuck screwed Chuck" and praises himself.

9. Austin Aries defeated Jon Moxley. Aries sits down on a sunset flip to pin Moxley, going 2-0 in EVOLVE. Very good match to send Moxley off