WWE House Show Results (4/19): Cardiff, Wales

Thanks to Amie Cornell for sending this in:

Here are the results and some little notes on a house show I attended last night (April 19th) in Cardiff, Wales.

Match 1: The show opened with Evan Bourne who got a big pop and this was followed by Ted DiBiase who actually drew a lot of heat. The crowd were really into this match and it was a fantastic opener, very back and fourth. Evan Bourne then won with the shooting star press.

Match 2: We had Santino, who was accompanied to the ring by Tamina, they got a huge pop. Halfway down the ramp the Uso brothers attacked and then got Santino into the ring. Then Mark Henry’s music played and the crowd really came alive, huge pop for big Mark Henry. Then the anonymous GM ‘emailed’ in and said it would be a tag match. Mark henry dominated most of the match and Santino didn’t really feature until the end when he hit a Cobra from the ring entrance. Mark then hits the world’s strongest slam for the win.

Match 3: The Bella twins came out so Brie could defend her Diva’s title to Eve. No major reaction for any of the girls. Brie Bella retained and after the match they both attacked Eve, only for the crowd to liven up when Natalya’s music played and she ran out to own the Bella’s, even locking one in the sharpshooter. Great reaction for Natalya, Eve got a small pop, barely anything for the twins.

Alicia Fox then came out to the ring and explained that she was holding a dance contest. She selected about 5 or 6 members f the audience to participate. All were adults, except one small child. One participant was this guy dressed as Undertaker and he did the Booker T type spin in the centre of the ring. The Miz later mocked him in his promo before the main event. Anyway, the child won and got to meet his favourite WWE superstar backstage.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler entered next and got a few boos. His opponent was John Morrison who got a great reaction. Fans choice match, 2 of 3 falls or a street fight. A street fight was selected. Canes and steel chairs were involved which was fun and it was a very decent match. John Morrison picked up the win after starship pain.

Match 5: Primo came out to basically no reaction whatsoever. I got the impression that a lot of the crowd didn’t even know who he was. he cut a short promo which again got barely any reaction. Then Sin Cara’s music played and the crowd just came alive, a huge reaction for Sin cara, definitely a lot of love for him. It was a great match and didn’t notice any botches which is great. Sin Cara definitely livened up the crowd he was awesome to see live. Sin Cara won.

Match 6: Sheamus entered to a HUGE pop, especially from my end of the ring. Daniel Bryan followed to pretty loud boos, he seemed kinda shocked. There was no love for Daniel Bryan in Cardiff. A very decent match which was very technical, saw a lot of kids getting tired of it. Sheamus did retain his title in the end.

Match 7: The main event was a tag team match, The Miz and CM Punk vs Randy Orton and John Cena. I was very excited to see my idol and hero CM Punk he was very comical throughout the whole thing. Randy and Cena won of course, and sent the little kids home happy. They hit the RKO and FU at the same time on Punk and Miz to get that victory. A great main event and a great end to what I thought was a phenomenal house show. Worth the money!

Notes: During Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan, Sheamus got a lot of cheers whereas DB got a lot of boos. A fight broke out between two fans in front of me because this old guy wearing a Cena t shirt basically cussed down this guy who was booing DB because apparently it’s wrong to boo DB because he’s a good guy. It was very funny when that guy went on to boo John Cena. Ha ha!

During John Morrisons match with Dolph Ziggler there was a botchy moment toward the end. basically, Dolph Ziggler was slamming the steel chair down onto Morrison’s chest as he lay on the floor and at one point the chair slipped up Morrison’s chest and rammed his jaw close. Morrison looked to have a bloody mouth but nothing too serious and he carried on.

And finally, before the main event started Miz cut a great promo and then Punk took the mic and simply said, this country sucks. It was great. Then Punk got down to around the ring and signed an autograph for a young fan, he went to give it back but then threw it away. It was very funny, but not for the fan. Luckily, Alex Riley picked it up and gave it back to the child. Punk then walked around to a fan stood near me and he was holding an Orton’ sign. Punk simply took the sign, ripped it up and stomped on it. It was just brilliant.

Short Results:

Evan Bourne df. Ted Dibiase Jr

Santino and Mark Henry df. The Uso’s

Brie Bella df. Eve

John Morrison df. Dolph Ziggler

Sin Cara df. Primo

Sheamus df. Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton and John Cena df. CM Punk and The Miz