Trish Stratus Talks Tough Enough, WrestleMania, Snooki, More

Trish Stratus recently sat down with to discuss a variety of things, including WWE Tough Enough, working with Snooki at WrestleMania 27, her new movie role and whether or not that caused any heat with Vince and Co. because it wasn’t through WWE Films, whether she’ll continue wrestling and more.  The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Crave Online: What did you think when they brought you the idea of the Snooki storyline?

Trish Stratus: I thought interesting, okay. I knew she drank Long Island Ice Teas. She had a bitch slap as one of her popular moves. So I get it. I really do. I get it. It’s one of these things where it’s definitely a pop culture crossover. Surprisingly I guess 75% of the Jersey Shore viewership is women. We definitely have men watching our product but I think it’s always good to bring in the women to watch our show as well. So the Divas division, when we went back years ago, we saw a rise in the female demographic which was cool at the time. So I think it’s one way to give exposure to the women’s division and with the current Divas, giving them exposure and letting people tune in who maybe wouldn’t have tuned in before and say, “Oh, that’s cool. That’s what the women do in wrestling? That’s awesome.” So hopefully we gave that exposure to the Diva brand.