Big ROH Tag-Title Match Signed For Toronto Show On 5/7

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Tag Title Defense Set For Toronto!

Jay & Mark Briscoe have slowly undergone a transformation right before our very eyes. Maybe it started with the harsh reception the NYC crowd has been giving the boys from Delaware ever since “Supercard of V”. Maybe it started inside when they were blocked from ever challenging The Kings of Wrestling for the tag titles again following a loss on HDNet months ago. Maybe it was “Final Battle 2010” or maybe it didn’t really click in until January of this year when both Jay & Mark lost World & TV Title bouts respectively.

Whenever it may have been, something snapped inside the 6-time former ROH Tag Champions and it all exploded out in their loss to the All Night Express at “Manhattan Mayhem IV”. It continued during “Honor Takes Center Stage” weekend when Jay & Mark beat Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly on the first night, then engaged in bloody warfare with the ANX on day two, and capped it off by telling the fans in attendance where to stick it (in the politest of terms).

As you can see above, their new found…or rather rediscovered…attitude didn’t end after they cleaned up the blood, but rather was turned from the ANX towards the newly crowned ROH World Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin.

Fresh off a victory over the American Wolves, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team was issued a challenge from The Briscoes and ROH officials are very excited to announce that WGTT contacted our offices and demanded that match be made ASAP.

“Those boys need to be taught a lesson in respect and that’s something Shelton and I would love to do.” said Charlie Haas, “We will gladly give them a shot at our belts. They’ve more than proven their worthy, hell they’re 6-time champs themselves. But what I’m seeing out of the Briscoes now, well it’s not something I like, it’s not something I respect. So you will get your shot Jay and Mark, and rest assured you will regret asking for it as soon as that bell rings.”

As if “ROH Revolution” weekend wasn’t big enough with a World Title match, a No DQ match, the 1st Blood Match, and a Tag Team dream rematch…now Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team will defend the ROH World Tag Team Titles on May 7th when ROH returns to the Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto! Jay & Mark Briscoe will attempt to bring an early end to Haas & Benjamin’s tag title run and net their historic 7th title reign. WGTT have defeated the Briscoes once before at the “9th Anniversary Show”, and are essentially unbeaten since their first ROH bout at “Glory by Honor IX”. They look to ride that momentum into “ROH Revolution: Canada” and begin their own journey into the lore of Ring of Honor. Tickets can be purchased right here: