(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown! Taping Results For 4/22

Report courtesy of Neryn Gaul and ProWrestling.net …

WWE Smackdown Tapings

Ring changed while Cole mine was rolled in. Booker T got a great reaction. Edge vignette opens the show. Replay of battle royal. Smackdown opening plays. Recently knighted Michael Cole comes out huge heat to God Save the Queen. Cole is dressed in regal attire and goes into Cole mine.

Cody Rhodes comes out to minor heat with shopping trolley heads to ring with men in suits. Wrestlemania rematch in the offing. Cody rambles on about Mysterio wearing a mask. A "You suck" chant rings out. Rhodes holds up brown paper bag mask. Assistants hand them out ringside. Apparently gone to "great expense" providing them! Cody wants to be drafted off the show and saving a paper bag mask for Mysterio. Mysterio to huge pop comes out.

1. Rey Mysterio defeated Cody Rhodes. Match immediately goes to the outside with Mysterio on the offensive. Rhodes turns the tide. Plenty of heat. Mysterio powerbomb reversal leads to near fall. Rhodes on the offensive with abdominal stretch round ring post. Mysterio fights back with enziguri but misses 619 setup. Rhodes with a near fall and continues on offense. Rhodes goes for superplex but Mysterio fights back. Mysterio jumps from the turnbuckle to be met with Rhodes dropkick and a near fall. Cody goes for power bomb but reversed for roll up and Mysterio win.

Rhodes reacts badly to heat! Mysterio into ringside boardings by Rhodes and into crowd. Mysterio into steps by Rhodes. Continue into crowd. Mysterio throws Rhodes back to ringside. Crossroads to Mysterio on the ringside mats. Rhodes places paper bag mask on Mysterio. Rhodes in the ring victorious to heat.

Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett backstage discuss the battle royal from last week. Heath Slater comes in as does Ezekiel Jackson. Big pop for Barrett as the argument continues over who would sell whose mother down the river.

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