2 New Names Gone From Tough Enough, WWE Tryout News

For those who missed last night’s edition of WWE Tough Enough, 2 contestants were eliminated from the show. Michelle Deighton quit the show on her own accord as she cited being with her daughter as more important than being a wrestler, and Mickael was eliminated from the show after being apart of the bottom 3.

Thanks to Mark Dallas for sending this in: One of the wrestlers receiving his WWE tryout tonight in London is Insane Championship Wrestlings(Glasgow, Scotland) Jack Jester. Jack isn’t the first ICW wrestler to be looked at by WWE.  Last year former ICW Heavyweight Champion B.T Gunn recived a try out and the first ever ICW Champion was Drew MacIntyre.  Also two other ICW wrestlers have caught a major U.S promotions eye with both Johnny Moss and Lionheart receving try outs for TNA in February.