Hulk Hogan’s New Project, Trish Stratus Yoga Pictures & More

Thanks to WZ reader Jason for sending in the following:

There is a sports radio station in Minneapolis called KFAN.  They currently have a photo gallery up of Trish Stratus doing yoga.  I just thought I would pass it along.  You can view the Trish Stratus photos here.

Hulk Hogan, on his Twitter page, has recently been pushing a new product called Visalus, which seems to be some sort of 90-day weight loss/fitness thing of some kind.  There’s a video on the product website where Hogan punches out a guy who seems to be Eric Bischoff.

Thanks to WZ reader Eric for sending in the following:

I was watching Raw tonight, and I believe it was after Raw, that a commercial for this new comedy/horror movie came on.  It looked funny and I was wondering what it was exactly about and who was in it.  I went over to and looked it up.  As I was looking through the list of stars I happened across TNA superstar Kurt Angle’s name.  Found out that he is playing some what of a major role in the film.  He will be playing the leader of a werewolf clan.