WWE Member of the Board Leaving After 15 Years of Service

Lowell Weicker Jr., who has served as a member of the WWE Board of Directors for 15 years, will be leaving his position, reports The Greenwich Time.  Conspiracy theorists have already started making the connection between Weicker’s departure and his endorsement of Democrat Chris Dodd, who ran against Republican Linda McMahon in last year’s Senate Race.  Weicker denied that politics had anything to do with his departure: "The two things are entirely separate. Being on the board and politics are entirely separate matters."

Rob Zimmerman, a spokesman for the WWE, had the following to say: "You may have read we are implementing a new business model, so the company feels that it is a good time to identify new directors to provide a fresh perspective to the company,"

Zimmerman added, "WWE thanks the governor for his many years of service and guidance."