Live Raw Fan Report: Off-Air Notes, Dark Match Results, More

Thanks to Brad Taylor for sending this in:

Hey, my name’s Brad Taylor and I just got back from the Raw/Superstars that was taped at London earlier tonight and just wanted to give a live report from the arena. It was about 90% full with most of it being families. There was one section tarped off but it was the camera side.

Primo vs Percy Watson was the dark match and Primo came out first and worked over the crowd on the microphone. He did quite well in attracting himself some cheap heat. Watson won with an STO-like move but got no great reaction.

Maryse vs Natalya was a good match. Maryse won with the French Kiss after kicking out of the Spinning Elbow and Davey Boy Smith-like Powerslam.

Ted DiBiase vs Mark Henry was very much a pro-Henry match. Henry won with the World’s Strongest Slam and that was it for Superstars.

Jim Ross got a great ovation from the crowd ans so did Jerry Lawler but he took forever in actually coming out. Must have been a whole two minutes after his music started. Michael Cole got a ton of heat and there was a slight altercation with Lawler before he snuck into the Cole Mine.

R-Truth lost his spot to Morrison in a fairly uneventful match. Post-Match though, he gained a lot of heat from the crowd for his beat down of Morrison and for smoking which got a chant of "That’s illegal" and he was boo’ed out of the place. Also, Morrison just mentioned the WWE Draft pre-match like it was nothing. It really took the crowd off guard as there was no previous mention to it.

Evan Bourne got a decent pop coming on. I couldn’t hear Vickie Guerrero after the first ‘Excuse Me’. Ziggler with a new haircut looks weird. He’s got it short and dark now instead of long and blonde. Evan Bourne did an impressive spot where he actually landed on his feet after missing Air Bourne. Looked amazing live.

You could see them setting up the Sin Cara trampoline and it seemed they moved it closer this time. Went off without a hitch and looked amazing live. Also, The Miz said that it would be a Cage Match at Extreme Rules but I hadn’t seen that mentioned before. Cena got some boo’s but eventually the crowd came round. It seemed 50/50 in the Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks chants. I was informed that Sin Cara did a backflip off the top rope so I’ll assume it was a Moonsault. Sin Cara got a big pop. Miz also called R-Truth a ‘hip-hop refugee’ which got a nice laugh and when he said ‘London sucks’ he got another big laugh.

Edge was confirmed for Smackdown tomorrow. Justin Roberts said there were still tickets available which surprised me. Eve Torres vs Nicki Bella. The crowd were dead for this. I mean pretty much silent.

The Cole segment drew massive heat against Cole and Swagger. A few people stood up and sang the national anthem as the fake-Queen came out. Cole really knows how to work the crowd. He and Swagger did a victory lap after that. Also, pretty much all of the segment was inaudible to the majority of the crowd it seemed. Only Cole’s microphone seemed to work. Couldn’t hear anything Swagger or ‘The Queen’ said.

Santino was LOVED by the crowd. Sheamus got a mixed reaction because he’s the closest thing to a home town wrestler we got to see. I think the older crowd would’ve preferred William Regal or David Hart Smith here. It would’ve got a great pop and got Sheamus some good heat. Santino seemed hurt as he took his time getting out the ring. The match was pretty much a squash.

CM Punk vs Orton was completely 50/50 as GTS and RKO chants filtered in and out and random points. Orton won with the roll-up but after the New Nexus attacked, Punk eventually went for the punt but got an RKO to a huge pop from the crowd.

Quite a few people left for the dark match. Cena was back and got a 50/50 reaction. Orton got another good pop. Cena and Orton won and afterwards Cena was given a Union Jack flag and he walked around with it for a bit which got a big pop to send the crowd home happy.

Overall it was a great show and the announcement of the WWE Draft next week and the Cage match seemed kind of random.

Biggest Pops:

John Cena

Randy Orton

Santino Marella

John Morrison

Jim Ross

Most Heat:

Michael Cole

Vickie Guerrero


The Miz

John Cena