Jim Ross Speaks On HBK vs. The Rock, Edge, Announcing

The following are highlights from a new Jim Ross Q&A on his official website:

Hello wwe hall of famer JR I was wondering do u think its a shame that the wwe never had a match or even a fued between Mr Hall of fame HBK shawn Michaels and The Great one people champion The Rock

Shame? No. Unfortunate? Yes. It would have been amazing.

Mr. Ross, thank you for being you. I was in the goodwill store the other day and picked up a new, on card, Jim Ross action figure complete with microphone and resistol hat. It’s one of my prized possessions now. What advice would you give someone who is looking into getting into a broadcasting career? May God bless you.

Always the same…college degree in the field and plenty of on air experience in any broadcasting field one can get.

Since you hired Edge, you know him really well. What do you see for him in the future? Maybe he could work as a GM or have a managerial role or even be an announcer? Something to add to his resume before he is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The sky is the limit for Edge’s post wrestling career. Just as I said in a recent blog. Edge has so much to add to WWE in the future IMO.

Check out more JR Q&A on his official website at JRsBBQ.

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