JR Blog: Edge’s Retirement/Future, Talent Needing to Step Up

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:

"Great to see Edge fulfill his commitments and travel with WWE on this European tour to say adiós to his fans. I can still vividly remember hiring Edge and Christian out of Ontario back in the day and then signing them both to a full time deal one night at a TV taping under the bleachers of an arena that slips my mind at the moment. Edge has so much to give to the business and I’m relatively certain that WWE will utilize Edge’s many skills in the future."

"It is crunch time for several WWE Superstars to rise to the occasion and assume leadership and main event roles on both the Raw and Smackdown roster. I hope that we don’t hear from those that don’t take it to the next level that the sole culprit of them not making it was everyone but the Superstar themselves. There are so many potentially excellent talents now competing on WWE rosters but they all have to work diligently to make themselves special no matter the situation that they may find themselves in at any given time."