Jim Ross On His Attire For Extreme Rules, Steve Austin, More

Jim Ross has updated the blog section on his JRsBarBQ.com website and the following are excerpts:

On what he’ll wear to Extreme Rules for his match: "Hard to believe that some fans want to know what I’m wearing for our tag team ‘match’ at Extreme Rules. Haven’t given it much thought. My lack of grappling skill is going to make this a train wreck without fail. If I have to be in the ring with Swagger, perhaps I should wear a suit of amour but he would likely dent that just as he ripped my ankle that’s still sore after all these weeks. Hopefully Swagger sees the light and bails on Cole as the former Sooner has embarrassed himself enough with his relationship with the Syracuse grad. When one gets out of their element, as I will do in Tampa at Extreme Rules, it certainly creates an adrenaline rush notwithstanding some levels of self doubt as well."

On Steve Austin’s work on Tough Enough: "@steveaustinBSR has improved his body of work, skill set, and overall rep in Hollywood by starring on USA’s Tough Enough. Austin has dominated every scene that he’s appeared and is doing so by simply being himself.

When young, aspiring wrestling announcers or broadcasters of any ilk want advice, the first thing I tell them is to simply "be yourself.’ If yourself isn’t good enough, so be it. Don’t be a phony as folks will see thru that immediately.

What one sees with Austin is what it actually is."

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