Eliminated Tough Enough Contestant Comments On His Exit

In a surprising exit from Tough Enough, given the amount of experience he had wrestling, Matt Cross said the following on Twitter: "I will not give up" and "So I had 3 people (all non-family members) text me last night that theywere crying….powerful TV. WWE Legend Rikishi summed it up best…".

Tough Enough trainer, Bill Demott, posted the following in response: "I know you wont and wouldn’t expect anything less.Good Job Matt-BD"

Former WWE star Rikishi posted "@MDoggMattCross is talented w/ RESPECT. Yo @WWEToughEnough this dude @MDoggMattCrossspeaks LOUD PRO WRESTLING ACTION… IN ITALY. http://youtu.be/YQZLEAHhPJk"

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