Exclusive: More On Edge’s WWE Retirement & Plans

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Earlier tonight, Wrestlezone posted an exclusive report on details regarding WWE star Edge’s sudden retirement.

After speaking with several different sources, I can now confirm that Edge did seek medical advice and at least one doctor was in Pittsburgh, as WWE.com reports. As Edge mentioned in his speech on RAW, his neck is what is in question. The severity is such that any match could have been his last and caused severe permanent damage.

I am also finding out that Edge’s health questions came into play when the WrestleMania script was being written. A Christian heel turn was heavily talked about and considered going into WrestleMania, but with the WWE aware of Edge’s health, they went against turning a face such as Christian heel on Smackdown. Due to these factors, Christian remained a face at WrestleMania. This allowed Edge to walk away with the title which has led to him getting to leave "on top" and having an appropriate send off.

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