Exclusive: Who Made The Call To Fire Finlay, WMania Affected

WrestleZone has learned that the decision to fire top WWE agent/producer Dave "Fit" Finlay came straight from the top. In an exclusive discussion with a key WWE insider, we learned the decision was made by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself, with no resistance from longtime Finlay supporter John Laurinaitis.

"Finlay’s decision to have Miz interrupt the National Anthem was just not timely, and it was stupid," our source told us, "it’s old old old old old old school heat that doesn’t translate well in today’s society. Fit should have known better."

Finlay was best known for working with the females, and we can exclusively report he was scheduled to handle the Trish Stratus/Snooki tag team match at Wrestlemania. No decision has been made yet as to Fit’s replacement for that celebrity encounter. As of this posting, it is assumed John Laurinaitis will handle the match unless he pitches someone different to Vince McMahon.