Big Update on Fedor Emelianenko; Pulls Out of Tournament

An exclusive story posted by The Heyman Hustle has gone into great detail about the fact legendary Russian MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko has pulled out of a the Combat Sambo World Championships in his homeland of Russia due to the implications of the medical suspension he is serving from the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board. M-1 Global MMA  has announced Fedor will honor the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board’s suspension based on the beating the Russian legend took from Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva on February 12th at The IZOD Center.

"Fedor is observing the (New Jersey Athletic Control Board’s) 90-day suspension, and will not compete at the (Sambo Championships) over the weekend," M-1 Global director of operations Evgeni Kogan stated Friday morning.

Had Emelianenko competed in the Combat Sambo tournament, he would have ignored the Board’s medical suspension that prohibited him from taking strikes to the head following the devastating beating he took on February 12th from Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva at the IZOD Center.

Emelianenko is required to submit a CT scan of his head and facial bones before being cleared to fight again. A scan taken in Russia is now under review by New Jersey officials, stated a member of the NJACB.

Had Emelianenko competed in the Combat Sambo tournament, he faced a revocation of his license in New Jersey for one year and placement on a national registry that would have jeopardized his ability to receive a license to fight in North America in that same period. Ask Josh Barnett how that works. The entire Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Tournament is now in chaos thanks to his licensing issues.

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