JR Blog: Elimination Chamber, Punk, Christian/Trish Returns

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:


"Thought the Elimination Chamber was one of the stronger ‘non major,’ WWE PPV’s in  a good while. I paid retail and felt that I got my monies worth. Isn’t that the bottom line? The Elimination Chamber exceeded my expectations. The Oakland crowd is to be commended. They were loud and enthusiastic when they were motivated to do so while their silence at times, as always, spoke volumes. It felt like the crowd was into the show and certainly helped the presentation."

"Nice to see Christian return as he’s been on the injured list for months.  ‘Captain Charisma’ is due to have a big 2011. Very skilled, underrated talent. Another Canadian import made her return as well as Trish Stratus had an enhanced , surprise cameo on the PPV. The brunette Trish is just as lovely as the blond Trish. Good to hear that she’s going to be a Tough Enough trainer. I’m watching."

"It sounded like there were lots of cheers for CM Punk. Was it fans being defiant, fans who simply like the villains, or fans who appreciate Punk’s skill level? What ever the reason, Punk felt like a star inside the Raw Elimination Chamber."