EXCLUSIVE: Where Is Sid Vicious; Lex Luger At WrestleMania?

Sid Eudy (aka Psycho Sid Vicious) recently posted on his official Myspace page that he is highly considering retirement.  After numerous attempts to try and get one final run in WWE (and even TNA) and neither company biting, it seems as if the "master and ruler of the world" is contemplating calling it quits.  However, WrestleZone has learned that Sid would still like one final run in the WWE. 

It’s been nearly a year since the two parties have spoken about a possible return, but Eudy hasn’t given up just yet.  Currently, he’s training for his second appearance in a bodybuilding contest that those close to him feel he has a good shot of winning this year. His most recent headline was due to being arrested in Memphis last month for possession of marijuana, not wearing a seatbelt and driving without a license. He was released shortly after the arrest on $1,000 bail. 

Eudy’s last appearance in one of the major wrestling companies was in WCW on January 14th, 2001.  During a "Four Corners" match against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett, and Road Warrior Animal for the World Heavyweight Championship (at the Sin pay per view), Sid performed a move off the second turnbuckle and suffered a severe fracture to his leg.  He has since recovered from the injury and has been working various independent shows over the past few years.

Lex Luger is reportedly in talks with WWE about being involved at this year’s WrestleMania.  There’s been no word on what Luger’s role will be exactly, but sources close to Luger expect his involvement in one form or another.  Lex resides in Atlanta, Georgia – the location for this year’s WrestleMania weekend – and convenience alone makes it understandable that he’d be involved in some capacity during this year’s festivities.  A friend of Luger’s told WrestleZone that he believes Lex may be one of this year’s Hall of Fame inductees.