Dave Lagana & Arda Ocal Sound Off On Twitter During Rumble

Ring of Honor’s Dave Lagana has posted the following live Tweets during the Rumble PPV tonight:


"There are two clowns at [the Royal Rumble]. Michael Cole and Striker. Oh wait. Two more in front row."

"Remember everyone. You just paid to see The Bellas slap Daniel Bryan."

"Controversial finishes in all three title matches."

You can read more from Lagana at twitter.com/lagana

"Right After Wrestling" host Arda Ocal has also posted the following on his Twitter account:

"If this is how The Corre/New Nexus feud startedn I would have liked it much more."

"Everyone hoped for Kong, and got Eve. Poor Eve, she’s a heel without doing anything."

You can read more from Ocal at twitter.com/arda_ocal