Paul Heyman’s Only Comment on Lesnar’s Situation So Far

Both the UFC fan base and the WWE Universe seem to have made Brock Lesnar the most discussed name in either promotion since Lesnar’s loss to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121.

With what is obvious now to everyone as a worked-shoot moment between The Undertaker and Lesnar following Lesnar’s loss of the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship Lesnar has been the subject of wild speculation as Taker’s opponent for WrestleMania.

Today, at a UFC press conference, Ultimate Fighting President Dana White clearly got angry about the speculation. When pressed about Lesnar appearing at WrestleMania, White suggested Lesnar should be a fan.

"Like row three, seat 16," White said, "Row three, seat 16, aisle two sounds good to me."

White emphatically stated that Lesnar is restricted under the terms of his contract from doing a guest spot for any pro wrestling promotion without the UFC’s permission, and that permission is not coming anytime soon.

Asked about Lesnar’s potential return to the octagon, White took a deep breath and took a drink of water before answering. "We’ll see what happens," he said. "We’ll see what happens."

A lot of this week’s frenzy was based around Yahoo! Sports reporter Dave Meltzer’s appearance on a radio show. When a lot of wrestling websites and MMA message boards recapped Meltzer’s appearance, the reports gave the impression Lesnar was desperately trying to get out of his UFC contract in order to do WrestleMania.

Paul Heyman, who was Lesnar’s writer/producer behind the scenes during his famous run in WWE and also appeared on camera as Lesnar’s "agent" and then on-screen adversary, is co-authoring Lesnar’s autobiography with the former UFC Champion.

Last night, during a series of Tweets on THE HEYMAN HUSTLE TWITTER PAGE, Heyman responded to a fan who wrote "Is that true Lesnar wants out of UFC?"

Heyman’s reply, which can be read HERE was "Some1 should post a transcript of what Meltzer ACTUALLY said. A lot out of context."

Expect more follow-up from Lesnar or Heyman soon on THE HEYMAN HUSTLE website.