WZ Reader Says He’s Still Stranded In NYC After MSG Show

The following has been sent in by "The Rock904:"

"Just to give you an update. I have to be the last fan stuck at Penn Station. I feel like I’m going to win a**hole of the new year before it begins. I came to Long Island on Christmas Day, from San Jose, CA, with every intention of going to the MSG show. I’m still waiting after the show on Sunday night (that I specifically left early for, because they changed the already scheduled main event) to get a train out to Port Jefferson Station in "Strong Island." My vacation is only a week long and I’ve been stuck here since Sunday. I’m going a little insane! Over time, a train was scheduled to return me to my destination and it got moved back two hours right before its previous scheduled time. I had to go see Potter yesterday just to get some sleep. Worst of all I missed Raw."