WWE RAW Results (12/27) – Punk Responds, Joins Nexus!

WWE RAW Results

December 27th 2010

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

RAW Opener:

John Cena kicks off RAW and he is still in a great mood as he runs to the ring and grabs a mic. He says last week’s excitement has carried over to this week, and he is going to talk about what happened last week, since he is upset about it. He says last week was a party, but CM Punk was a party pooper and hit him with a chair. Cena says he brought it on himself because he accidentally spilled Punk’s diet soda, and he was out of line, and he can’t bring back the soda, but he can let Punk air his grievances. 

Punk comes out and says he is impressed that Cena gets all the fans to buy his crap, but Punk knows he is really thoughtless and dishonest. He says it’s not about a soda, and it’s about Cena going back on his word when he was fired, and his word being worthless. He says Cena had Barrett beat at TLC, but it wasn’t enough so he dropped all those chairs on him. Cena mocks him and says Barrett deserves it for all the beatdowns Nexus gave him because they could have ended his career.

Punk says Cena ended Batista’s career and he constantly makes fun of Vickie Guerrero, but Cena says he makes fun of everyone. Punk says he isn’t laughing, and he is finally standing up to Cena and all of this will stop. Cena says he is talking a really big game, but the brilliant thing is that they can settle it in the ring. He asks Punk if he is going to come down and settle it, but Punk says he is predictable and this will only happen on Punk’s terms. Punk says he will call Cena out and he has a real eye opener for Cena tonight, and it’s something he will never forget. Punk sarcastically says he would like to wish Cena and his fans a very happy New Year, then salutes him and leaves.