Will Tonight’s MSG Event Be Canceled?, HHH/WWE Return News

Thanks to Sean for sending this in: Hey Guys! My name is Sean and I’ve been an avid fan for the past 23 years.  I’m wondering if the WWE might cancel their shows in Chicago and NYC today.


A few friends and I bought tickets to the garden event months ago.  With the blizzard warning in full swing, snow starting to stick in Brooklyn (where we’re from).  We’re wondering if the stars will be able to get to the event on time due to flight cancellations.  Granted, they’ve been off since Wed and had Wed-Sat to get to the city, but what about the fans?

Madison Square Garden doesn’t give out refunds or exchanges- thegarden.com. Would Vince?

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that when Triple H returns to WWE television, which is likely to happen in the very near future, the expectation is that he won’t be working a full-time in-ring schedule as he will retain his office position as "Senior Adviser" under Vince McMahon. Ever since WWE’s last UK tour, HHH has been more hands-on during WWE TV tapings and house show events.