Early Survivor Series Buyrate, The Miz To Headline WMania?

Source: The Wrestling Observer

It’s being reported that WWE’s 2010 Survivor Series drew an early estimated 239,000 world wide buys. This makes it one of the lowest drawing Survivor Series buys in PPV history, but up slightly from last year’s 220,000 buys. Additionally, this year’s show ranks number 5 in terms of buys for WWE PPVs, behind WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and Elimination Chamber.

While original plans in WWE called for The Miz to be a short-term champion, it’s being said that recent WrestleMania talks have seen creative entertaining the idea of having The Miz hold on to his title heading into the big PPV, and possibly main eventing the show. While original creative ideas for The Miz, prior to winning the title, made no mention of The Miz as champion at WrestleMania, talks of Miz vs John Cena at the PPV have taken place as of late.