Reader Column: Who Is The Raw General Manager?

It seems to be the question for the last few monthes..who is the Raw GM. Well here are my thoughts on the matter:
5. HHH: Yes the Raw GM could be the Game but the only problem is why hasn’t he been revealed yet? What are they waiting for? If he was the Raw it would have been revealed by now.
4. Stephanie McMahon: Personally I would love to see Stephanie be the Raw GM and I believe she was up for the role until she was pregnent and they obviously didn’t want her to be hurt. Still it would be nice now that she has had the baby to take on the role that she was so great in playing.
3. Any WWE Legend: My thought on this is that it could be Steamboat, Anderson, or anyone else that was beat up by the Nexus in Philadelphia back in June. What a better way to get revenge but now that the Nexus seems to be gone..I highly doubt that will happen,
2. Donald Trump: Think about it..he did introduce the Raw guest GM in the first place and is busy in NY. What a better way to do business in sending email to Cole.
Last and finally who I would think would be perfect for the job is…
1. Shawn Michaels: Shawn himself said he just signed a deal with WWE that would have him working a backstage role and have him not wrestle. So why not be the Raw GM. He tweets daily so sending emails to Cole would be perfect.