Reader Column: Dear WWE…Get It Together Already!

Okay, so I’m going to try not to make this a bash WWE session.  There are definitely some good things the WWE is doing right now, but I’d have to say the bad definitely outweighs the good.


As for the good..I see the WWE creative staff making a concerted effort to build stars (I.E. John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Sheamus..just to name a few).  It’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight..and the fact is the writers can only put the words on the page, it’s the worker/character/superstar that has to make it come to life…and let’s be honest here..that has proven to be a big challenge over the past 10 years or so.


However, I do think the creative team drops the ball sometimes in their “building” of these stars.  Nexus is a perfect example. When they debuted on RAW and destroyed just about everything and everyone that wasn’t nailed down I nearly jumped off the couch.  It was the WWE of old..exciting, unpredictable, shocking!  As the storyline went on and Cena became involved in the whole thing..I still enjoyed it.  The problem is..the WWE only focused on Barrett.  Yes he is good..and yes it was smart to establish a leader..but we never got to learn about the others. There was nothing interesting (aside from Gabriel’s sick move) about any of them! And it appeared there was no attempts to make them stand out individually.  I’m just saying..WWE could have had 3 or 4 standouts in the Nexus..but at the moment they just have one!


John Cena..the “face” of the WWE.  Personally I kind of find him corny (maybe that’s because I’m in my late 20’s) but either way something needs to be done with Cena.  I don’t know if turning him heel is the answer..but something has got to change! His segment with Vickie Guerrero was hilarious..and there are moments when I’m a fan..but for the most part it’s just corny…like “Spongebob” corny!  I mean the catchphrases “Never give up”..”I will never back down” ugh! can we add “SHUT UP” to that list.  It’s like a modern day Hulk Hogan..”Say your prayers” “Eat your vitamins”..Lame!


WWE PG: Okay, so as I said..I’m in my late 20’s so I may be a bit bias here.  It goes without saying that the Attitude Era was awesome but I guess I understand why that cannot happen today.  But for god sakes can we shake it up a little bit!  There is no edge shock…no pushing the envelope (Vince, these are the things people watch to see…WE WANT TO SEE IT) Not saying a guy has to bleed like stuck pig every night..but must we wait until a pay-per-view to see a table! Really?..Really?!


My rant is done..and for all the WWE hire ups that brush this off as another wrestling fan who doesn’t know what they’re talking about…Well, that’s probably why your ratings are down.  Thanks.


-Joe Miller