Reader Column: Some Positive Words For TNA In 2010

The following editorial was sent in by Chirag Lalwani:

TNA in 2010 was amazing and awesome. I mean, just look at the product, it’s almost like the attitude era, but only more modern. This year, TNA did some amazing things that made you want to watch it even more.

The amount of violence was high this year. Beer Money, Fortune, Extreme Version 2.0, Abyss, & several other TNA stars pulled off huge stunts that the WWE could not. James Storm spat a fireball into Jeff Hardy’s face and AJ Styles poked a fork in Tommy Dreamer’s eye. That was all violence. It was something new or something that had not been seen in over a decade. It was violent and entertaining enough for me to watch it again and again.

The wrestling this year was awesome. All the tag team matches between MCMG, Beer Money, & Generation Me were phenomenal. The X Division stars stole the shows at almost every TNA event. There was great wrestling not only on PPVs, but also on Impact!

The storylines this year were great. The storylines involved alot of realism and showed the fans that this could really happen in real life even though it’s fake. The EV2 storyline was great. It was about a bunch of old ECW wrestlers and their passion for this industry and for their fans. There were also some new storylines this year that had never been done before. The storyline where a person like Eric Bischoff stole a company from his boss like Dixie Carter was a storyline that had never been done. The storyline of Abyss treating his nailed weapon like his wife was never done before. Jeff Hardy turning heel was never done before. A concussion storyline between Matt Morgan, Mr.Anderson, and Eric Bischoff has never been done before either. TNA has done some amazing storylines that you’ve never seen before. So that was why I tuned into Impact! every week.

Finally, the product of TNA this year has improved. The build ups to PPVs have also improved and their titles have tons of value and prestige. Their roster has become very strong this year thanks to these storylines and build ups.

The product has become more violent, which most of us wrestling fans like. Last year, some episodes of Impact! had less than a million viewers, but this year, all episodes of Impact! have had over a million viewers.

Those are my positive thoughts about TNA. I hope that I have changed the minds of those TNA haters reading this. Trust me, TNA is real wrestling and real entertainment.