Reader Column: Top Ten Dream Matches Of All Time

We have no clue who sent this in:

Everyone likes to dream, or think what if these two could have ever gotten into the ring.  No matter what era there will always be the argument of who is the best ever?  With the chance to be able to write something for the site I thought I’d take the opportunity to make my top 10 Dream Matches.

10. The Big Show vs. Andre the Giant
– The modern day version of the Giant vs the original, it might not be the best technically wrestled match ever but it would be entertaining to see these two mammoth men get into the squared circle against each other.

9. Alberto Del Rio vs. Eddie Guerrero– Two great Mexican wrestlers if given a chance in a dream scenario I think could steal the night away from any other match that could come after it.  Eddie was an amazing worker and while Del Rio still has much to prove in the WWE, I think the sky is the limit for him.

8. Roddy Piper vs. The Miz
– This one would be a war of words between the two, with Piper’s dirty tactics and the way the Miz will try to weasel his way into winning matches this one could be very entertaining.

7. Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) vs. Chris Benoit
– Perhaps the best technical wrestler and submission artist in the business today vs a guy who in his time was right up there as the best technical wrester of his era.  This one in my mind would have the crowd on the edge of their seat based on the wrestling clinic they could put on in the ring together.

6. Shawn Michaels vs. John Morrison– HBK vs the guy that a lot of people say remind him of Shawn, I do see the potential there for Morrison he just needs to get a little better on the mic and he, like Del Rio, is the future of the WWE.

5. Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin– Had Austin not had the bad neck this is something we could have seen at Wrestlemania 20 and it would have been a huge box office draw.  Goldberg seemed to have been modeled after Austin, the plain black trunks, bald head and goatee.  Who would win in this battle of two of the biggest stars of the late 90’s and early 2000’s?

4.  Undertaker vs. Sting
– There may not be someone at his age and his size that can work a match, when healthy, better than the Undertaker.  A match with Sting would be something that fans would go crazy for and could main event a Wrestlemania.  With the Crow gimick vs the Deadman the storyline buildup could be huge.

3. Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle– Both men for a time in their careers were referred to as "the best in the business."  Bret being a great technical wrestler and having a wide range of submissions, and Kurt with his amature wrestling backround, like the previously mentioned Bryan vs Benoit match this one could put on an absolute wrestling clinic and have fans out of their seats the whole match.

2. Hulk Hogan vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
–  Probably the most talked about dream match ever.  Two of the biggest stars of the modern era, Hogan carried WCW for the early part of his tenure there and Austin brought the WWE back in the battle against WCW.  This one could headline any event, sell out any venue, and would be a huge ratings winner.  Except for the fact Hogan can barely walk and Austin would rather do movies.

1. John Cena vs. The Rock– The Great One, The Most Electrfying Man in Sports Entertainment, The People’s Champion vs Mr. Hustle, Loyality, and Respect, WWE’s current Superman.  Both men have ventured outside of the wrestling world into Hollywood, so this could also be a battle of supremacy there as well.  With the Rock being able to work the mic better than anyone in wrestling history and Cena is no slouch on the mic either, this one has the potential to have one of the best verbal battles leading up into what I think could be an incredible match between two great workers.