Reader Column: Two Cents From A Lifelong Wrestling Fan

WZ Reader Dilmos Hamilton sent in the following editorial:

My Christmas 2 Cents.

I have been a daily visitor to this site for as long as I can remember reading spoilers on the internet.  I am 41 Years old and have been a wrestling fan since I watched Mr. Wrestling Number 2 get so bloodied up on Georgia Championship Wrestling that Gordon Solie made the comment, that even though his attackers (don’t remember who they were) had removed his mask, you still couldn’t see what his face looked like.

With that said, I have also been an avid follower of all things video games, including the recent console wars.  With them I became associated with words like cow, fanboy, lemming, etc.. and have come to believe that the IWC is no different than the fanboyism of the console wars, but not for dedication to a company (ie TNA vs WWE), but for a longing for the glory days of rasslin.

Most of the comments ad threads I have browsed through on this and other sites, contain 2 kinds of posters, the guy who really loves TNA and has grown to hate Vince, and the guy who really loves Wrestling and sincerely wants to see TNA succeed so we can go back to the days of old.  But the problem I see (and this is only my opinion) is both of these types of people are still defending every single thing TNA does and very rarely sees anything wrong with them, or does not want to see the views of anyone who finds anything wrong in TNA.  I watch both shows religiously and am one of those folks who wants to see TNA (or somebody else) succeed, because I believe competition makes a better product…. But I believe, sadly, that TNA will not be the company to compete.

Here is my point, there comes a point in life when you have to realize that the inevitable is coming.  No matter how much we “wish it” or “will it” or “want it”, TNA will never be ANY type of threat to WWE.  Therefore, the programming they put forth will always be aimed at the small audience they have.  TNA will always take just about anyone who gets released from WWE.  TNA has the people who have already FAILED at it once making a lot of their decisions.  TNA is putting on to much product to retaliate against a company that doesn’t care they exist.  TNA will eventually fail.

During the time of WWE only TV, I watched these boards and waited (like everyone else) for the new guy to come along.  I heard the rumors of all the people who wanted to start, but couldn’t get the money.  I watched as TNA came along and started to build up the people who would be stars for them today.  I watched in amazement as they hired Hulk and Eric.  I prayed (like everyone else) that they would not give them ANY creative control.  Then, I started watching the last 2-3 years of WCW play out on TNA programming.

Someone, anyone, please come along with some money…. Go see Ted Turner when his no compete clause runs out…. Put a product on TV that reminds us of good storytelling and shows us great action.