Reader Column: A 15 Year Old’s View On Wrestling

This is just my basic thoughts on wrestling today.

First things first, I don’t like TNA. I tried to like it, but each episode just got stupider and stupider, and WWE kept beating them, week in and week out.

My thoughts on CeNexus:
Overall, it was a good feud. Cena losing was a shocker, but I think it kept it going for WAY too long. Nexus never did reveal their big purpose, so they will keep it going, which is unfortunate. Besides Gabriel and Barrett, the rest of Nexus is not very good at wrestling. Henning (because McGillicutty is retarded) and Harris are just your basic lackeys, and Henning has no personality. Wendy has just about nothing going for him, and Otunga my be good on the mic, but as for wrestling, he’s about level with a crappy indy guy.

My thoughts on Immortal: WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!? It’s yet ANOTHER rehash of NWO!!! Way to not reuse creative ideas. We all knew Hogan and Bischoff were the leaders. We all figured Jarrett would be involved. But why turn 1 of your 3 guys that a causal wrestling fan may recognize, Jeff Hardy, into a heel that does NOT get heel heat? It makes no sense! Just about all of TNA has been sucked into this Immortal thing, and if it doesn’t end soon, then it may kill TNA.

My thoughts on Edge/Kane:
On a level of 1 to retarded, this feud gets a Eugene. So Edge was on a mission to end stupidity, but yet 1 month later, he somehow kept Paul Bearer tied up while flying overseas? Makes perfect sense. These 2 never did pull off a good match, simply because they have such different styles, in my opinion. Stupid feud that could have been a lot better with any other 2 guys.

Other random thoughts: I am in LOVE with the CM Punk/Cena feud. It makes sense, and the fact that the guy with good-guy morals gets booed is an amazing feat in this wrestling world. Also, I love what they are doing with Bryan and the Bellas. Puts the Bellas to decent use, and it helps give some depth to Bryan’s character. As for NXT Season 4, why? It’s gonna kill FCW if it goes one more season.

That’s it. Thanks for letting the fans run the site today!


Noah Cacovski