Top Ten WWE/TNA Scenarios To Play Out In 2011

In the spirit of Christmas and the fact that 2011 is almost upon us, I’ve decided to do a top 10 of wrestling scenarios that I would like to see in 2011 (random order). This will cover WWE and TNA only seeing as I don’t have quite enough knowledge of ROH to write up scenarios for them.

10. Evan Bourne returns and feuds with CM Punk: CM Punk (kayfabe) took Bourne out with his devastating submission hold, the Anaconda Vice. With Bourne having gotten over so well before the injury, I’m hoping that WWE takes advantage and puts him up against CM Punk. This feud would allow Bourne to do a program with someone who’s floated around the main event and done so well. Also, CM Punk’s mic skills would help Bourne’s mediocre (at best!) mic skills and get him even more over.

9. Get AJ Styles out of Fourtune/Immortal:
It’s common knowledge with TNA fans that AJ Styles, the Phenomenal One, has never made a good heel. If you need proof, look no further than the 15-minute Iron Man match between Styles and Doug Williams for the TV title. Styles was getting just as much cheers as Williams if not more. Immortal/Fourtune is too crowded as it is, and I just can’t see Styles and Jeff Hardy in the same stable. Bring the face of TNA back to being a face, especially since it seems likely Anderson and/or the Pope will turn heel soon.

8. Give Miz a lengthy feud with Daniel Bryan: During the first season of NXT, these two kept taking shots at each other. When Bryan came back, he challenged the Miz for the US title and won it, but there wasn’t really that long a feud over the title because Morrison interjected himself into the submissions count anywhere match.

A longer feud with these two, given their on-screen history, would be a good choice and bring these two stars to another level. I’d rather not see this feud happen over a title though. Some of the best feuds of all time didn’t involve a title at all.

7. WM27- Alberto Del Rio wins MITB: I know I’ll get major heat for this choice, but I see Del Rio winning the MITB ladder match at Wrestlemania (if they have one at the PPV that is!) He was hyped up through his vignettes and made immediate impact, putting both Rey and Christian on the shelf. He also proved himself mightily in the WHC match at TLC. The man’s naturally athletic (that step-up enzuigiri’s sick!) and charismatic at the same time, a rare breed these days to have both in such quantities.

6. John Morrison and Kofi Kingston finally win world titles: These two guys have been just on the edge (no pun intended) of being world champs, but something has managed to hold them back every time. With people in the main event getting injured and retiring, it’s time to elevate some of these bubble guys to the main event, and JoMo and Kofi can fill the void in the current main event scene, at least temporarily. I strongly suspect that JoMo would have to turn heel to do it though because his charisma and mic skills are more suited for a heel persona.

5. Beth Phoenix feuds with Natalya: Beth and Natalya made an alliance to take out Laycool at TLC, but remember that Natalya has the Divas title that Beth got cheated out of before the unification match at Wrestlemania 26. Like Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior or Michaels vs. Taker, Beth vs. Natalya would be a dream match for anyone who cares about the Divas for more than just T&A. A nice lengthy program between these two (title or not) would be, to quote the Miz, "AWWWEEESOOOMMMMEE!" Definitely not a bathroom break set of matches.

4. Desmond Wolfe returns and feuds with Doug Williams: A battle of the British technical wrestlers, and a fine one at that. I’ve always been a fan of technical wrestling and I strongly suspect these two guys could make a huge impact, whether the TV title is on the line or not. Anyone who loved Wolfe vs. Angle should enjoy this showcase of technique.

3. Samoa Joe comes back to relevance: The Samoan Submission Machine being forced to tap out? Talk about ugly booking for one of the most popular wrestlers on the TNA roster. Even uglier is making him tap to Jeff Jarrett, a guy who hasn’t been relevant to wrestling since….the late 90s, if I can be that generous. Just like Styles, Joe has been badly booked and it’s time for that to stop.

2. HHH returns as the leader of Nexus:
Another controversial choice and the most unlikely scenario to occur. However, Trips is a wrestler that comes across too corny as a face and is a natural heel. Remember the Connecticut Blueblood gimmick or the Cerebral Assassin heel? Far better than listening to him talk about parking his car under Vickie’s underwear. Nexus swore to take over the WWE, and who better to lead than HHH? Not to mention it’d lead to a HHH/Cena feud.

1. Cena turns HEEL:
  Yes I had to stick that one in there. It’s a case of WWE being stale on certain things (like Cena being a face), and a desire for change. If it doesn’t work, then let Cena be face again. However, nothing should be ruled out just yet.

Oh well. Merry Christmas from King Blitzkonic

– Shawn Forester