Dear Mr. McMahon; Stonecold Tweets; Funny Taker Picture

The following were sent in by multiple WZ readers:

Dear Vince McMahon,

I believe in the things you do for the company.   I believe in the writing for the company.   However,  I am concerned over one thing.  Cody Rhodes.  I have enjoyed watching Cody and feel like he is an important piece to the future.   My concern is not what you think it is, the "Dashing" character, but it is something bigger that might have slipped through the cracks unnoticed……Where are his knee pads? I cannot make it through an entire match of his without changing the channel because his knees are so shiny and legs so bare without pads that I can hardly open my eyes.  This needs to be addressed Mr. Chairman.  Please consider making him put something on those legs.

Signed a concerned fan.


Steve Austin sent out a Tweet today. “OH no…thought I heard someone breaking in last night…total darkness…very quiet…a burglar perhaps?? WHAM! STUNNER!! …sorry Santa…"


Funny Picture/Caption: