Top Ten Storylines I Would Like To See Happen In 2011

WZ reader Bruce sent in the  following "Top Ten" list:

Top Ten Storylines I Would Like To See Happen In 2011


1.) WWE Brings back the REAL television & Cruiserweight titles, this would give the midcards a chance to really shine.


2.) Jerry The King Lawler pulls an Andy Kaufman on Michael Cole…That would be epic just beyond words.


3.) John Cena putting CM Punk over in their feud. Yeah, Cena is superman but even HHH & HBK put a few people over in their day.


4.) Heath Slater & David Otunga gets fired….Seriously they’re worthless.


5.) Justin Gabriel turns face, this would be quite an epic storyline, especially if He and Evan Bourne were to somehow get the unified tag team titles….He would be more over than Rey Mysterio.


6.) Speaking of Rey Mysterio, The feud with Alberto Del Rio should end in a career vs. mask match, obviously rey would loose the mask, this wouldn’t be a big stretch considering he lost it to juventude gurerra…in their WcW days.


7.) The Undertaker drops the whole dark side thing. And returns as the American Badass & has a sons of anarchy type motorcycle club gimmick (insert stable name here) sorry I think it just sounds epic.


8.) After the transformation to the  ABA he turns his attention to Kane, The Undertaker and his stable promptly destory the big red monster.


9.) HHH returns and squashes The Miz to become the new WWE champion.


10.) The whole wizard of oz deal with the invisible GM is over.