WZ Fan Relives The 2010 Slammy Award Show

Brian from New Orleans sent in the following:

Hey, WZ’ers. I’ve never written anything wrestling-related before but I thought today would be a good day to start.


I wanted to revisist the Slammy’s which were almost 2 weeks ago in my hometown of New Orleans, LA. I wanted to just write how special it was for me personally as it was my first ever live show.


First I thought I’d illustrate my journey of getting back into wrestling. I got back into it right before WrestleMania XXVI when I heard Bret Hart came back and I”d heard HBK was having his last match. I watched XXVI and I was impressed with what I saw. I began watching RAW and Smackdown every week and even caught what Double J and ol’ Eric Bischoff were doing at TNA. Anyway, when I found out NOLA was getting a live RAW in December this past summer, I had to get tickets. I got 2 with my buddy who got me back into it and was eagerly awaiting the show for the following months.


With everything that has happened over the last 7 months, from Nexus, to the emergence of Daniel Bryan, to Edge (my favorite current superstar) to John Cena being fired, to my new admiration of the Miz, I knew going into it that it’d be a good show. What I did not expect was how much it would really mean to me and how much I would feel like a little kid.


First when I saw the dark matches, I thought "holy sh**. I’m at a live RAW watching a live wrestling match. I was even excited to see Darren Young job to Zach Ryder. For the second match, Yoshi Tatsu vs Drew Mcintyre, I was excited because I’ve kind of jumped on the small Yoshi bandwagon and want to see him get some momentum on WWE Superstars (unlikely, but what is wrestling without hopes and dreams?) Then when Drew Mcintyre came out I thought "WOW! this is the sinister guy I see on tv every week and want to see get pummelled". The match got me pumped and I was ready for the show.


Fast forward, I was so pumped to see guys like Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, and even Ted Dibiasse live. (I especially enjoyed seeing the Bellas from a VERY entertaining angle). But probably the mark-out fest of the show came for me when The Rated-R Superstar, Edge came out to present a Slammy. I DID NOT expect to see Edge (much less see him in a match with Jack Swagger later on) so I flipped out. But the mark-out of all mark-outs came when Captain Charisma himself came out. I always enjoyed Christian and have always been disappointed he hasn’t won a World Title (although I’m more than aware why). I truly enjoyed seeing him live and pumping up his peeps in New Orleans.


Another great occasion to see live was definitely Miz’s promo with Miz-girl. I thought his mic and in-ring work were solid. My first thought after he faced Mysterio, and later Cena and Orton in the dark main event was "The IWC has this guy wrong. He is fantastic to see live".


Overall, I enjoyed seeing that special RAW immensely and will always remember how AWWWWWESOME it was.


Well WZ, thanks for the opportunity to share this great memory and I hope it didn’t suck too bad.