What The 2010 Slammy Awards Should Have Been

Reader Joe McCoy sent in the following:

After watching the 2010 Slammy Awards, someone posted a thread with their categories and winners. I replied to the post with my own ideas. Here is what my Slammy Award winners would’ve looked like. There are some current categories and some old ones as well. Enjoy.

1) Best commentator – Michael Cole. May not be the popular pick, but he has managed to get heat for the Miz and himself. He is a heel announcer and this is what they are supposed to do.

2) Best Theme Song – Sheamus. Could be because I am Irish, I just like the way it sounds.

3) Rising Star – Daniel Bryan. Fresh out of the indies, got fired, came back and became US Champ…skys the limit for this guy.

4) Best Newcomer – Wade Barrett. Great on the mic, good in the ring. Give him a little more time to develop and you might get a full fledged superstar. Top heel in the company right now.

5) Lifetime Achievement Award – Shawn Michaels. 20+ year career. ’nuff said.

6) Shocker of the Year – Nexus. WWE played this one right, from the beginning. Brought back shock value.

7) Best Finishing Move – Santino. The Cobra. May not be everyones favorite but it is entertaining to watch him do. Plus a jab to the throat could do damage given the fact that, well its your throat and there are nerves in the neck.

8) Leader of a New Generation? – Miz. With the influx of younger talent, one of them is the WWE Champion. It has to go to him. Wade Barrett a close second.

9) Match of the Year – Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26. Not as good as 25, but still stole the show.

10) Diva of the Year – Lay Cool. I mention them both because they act as one. They had several fueds and were the champions most of the year.

11) Superstar of the Year – Randy Orton. Not only because I can’t stand John Cena, but he has put in alot of work this year with all the injuries to the rest of the main eventers. Plus he is a bad ass.

12) OMG Moment of the Year – Nexus attacks Vince/Bret. Who would’ve thought they would take on the owner and the legend. Not me.