Complete TNA Impact Results (12/23): 8 Man Tag Title Match

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We start with a recap of last week’s events, and then we head into the Impact Zone for the official weigh in for the Morgan-Anderson match at Genesis. Flair tells the fans that there’s a stranger among them, and says that Rob Terry has the opportunity to prove to Immortal that he can be a bodyguard. Eric Bischoff says that this is not going to be a typical weigh in, but there are still questions about Ken Anderson’s condition so there are going to be doctors on hand to make sure they’re both healthy. Matt Morgan’s music hits and out he comes, and Flair says to wipe the smile off his face and pay attention to Bischoff. Morgan says this is obviously a sham and yells at Bischoff for making Anderson wrestle even though he continues to suffer from brain trauma. Bischoff says he has two doctors here to prove that they’re both in good enough condition to compete, so Morgan suggests he play doctor by taking both of their temperatures. Suddenly, Mick Foley’s music hits and he comes out to the ring, saying this is his first time in the Impact Zone since October 7th and he got his hand raised against Ric Flair, but the week after that he was home on his couch suffering from yet another concussion. Foley has had to admit that he’s not the man he used to be because of all the concussions, and that the important thing is how much recovery time here has been since each concussion. Foley says Anderson is his own worst enemy and will continue to wrestle despite the risk to himself, and Foley says the match is off. Flair tells Foley that is pathetic because he’s the reason kids are jumping off roofs and throwing themselves on thumbtacks, and the entire business suffered for what he did to the business and they all took the heat because of Foley changing the business. Foley says he knows he was part of the problem, but he wants the chance to be part of the solution. He and Morgan know what happens when they die, a guy comes into the room with a saw and opens up their heads because they’ve both donated their brains to science. They’ve been part of the problem but they plan to be part of the solution as well, and don’t want to see Anderson’s career end because of another concussion. Bischoff says he sees what’s happening: now that he can’t wrestle and nobody is buying his books or going to his stand-up act, it’s a professional wrestling version of eating your dead because he’s trying to live off of the bodies that were left laying because of what he started, and the match is not cancelled.

Cue the opening video, and tonight: AJ Styles challenges Douglas Williams for the TV Title in an Ironman Match, new Knockouts Tag Team Title Champions will be crowned between the Beautiful People and Madison Rayne & Tara, and an 8 Man Tag for the TNA World Tag Team Title.

We head back to the locker room where Jeff Hardy stops by for a conversation with Matt Morgan, and he says they’ve tore it up and done everything they can, and it’s about professional wrestling. Anderson admits that he’s an asshole and Foley made his name with a barbed wire baseball bat, so who are they to tell him what to do? He asks Morgan to think about what he said during the tag match later tonight, and may the best team win.

We’re off to the ring for our first "match"…