Joey Styles on Kaval to TNA, Former WWE Star Gets Film Role

Joey Styles posted the following on his Twitter account: "If TNA doesn’t immediately sign Kaval (who won NXT based on fans and wrestlers votes), I’ve no idea what they look for in wrestlers."

The following press release has been issued:

Wrestling Superstar Shad Gaspard and Producer Jordan Yale Levine team up for "Untouchable."

Former WWE (World Wresting Entertainment) Superstar, Shad Gaspard, is teaming up with Film Producer, Jordan Yale Levine (Tooth and Nail, The Land of the Astronauts), to star in the Action/Thriller film, "Untouchable," through Levine’s Yale Productions.

"Untouchable," written by Matt Thompson, is the story of Former Delta Force soldier turned bodyguard, James Xavier (Gaspard). Xavier is the best at what he does, protecting & securing his clients, while always keeping an emotional distance. But when Isabella Williams witnesses Crime Boss Joseph Berlusconi murder his girlfriend, Xavier is hired to protect her, from Berlusconi’s crew of assassins until she testifies against him, in this hard-hitting action thriller.

This will be the second time Gaspard and Levine are working together, as Gaspard is appearing in "Petunia," a dark comedy, directed byAsh Chrisitan, that Levine and Christian are producing, the end of January 2011, starring Thora Birch, Christine Lahti, and Michael Urie. Producers came up with the idea for Gaspards character in "Untouchable," based upon his role as a bodyguard in the upcoming "Petunia." A former bodyguard himself, Gaspard will expand on his character in "Petunia," and show the world a look into the secret life of this mysterious, dangerous, yet rewarding job.

With this transition into acting, Gaspard is following in the footsteps of other great former wrestlers, such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Steve Austin. Just earlier this year, Gaspard was in the running for a prominent role in the reboot "Conan the Barbarian" starring Jason Momoa. The role ultimately went to MMA fighter Bob Sapp, but, this has not slowed down the 6’7", 280lb behemoth, nicknamed "The Beast," as "Untouchable," will be Gaspard’s debut lead role.

Set for a mid 2011 year shoot, in Miami Florida. Look out for many more updates in the upcoming months, as this film will not disappoint!