WWE SmackDown! Results (Live Edition) – Dec. 21, 2010

WWE Smackdown on the USA Network (Live from San Antonio, TX)

Report by ProWrestling.net

[Q1] The show kicked off with the live edition of SD being hyped and we got the opening montage to make our ears bleed….damn Green Day. We were welcomed by the announce team and Cena vs. Dolph and Vickie was hyped. Edge will speak on winning his 10th world title and Randy Orton came out to a huge pop from the hot crowd….

1. Randy Orton defeated WWE Champion The Miz (with Alex Riley) in a non-title match by disqualification in 13:52. Both men locked up and Miz got a cheap shot in to Orton. Orton and Miz played cat and mouse until Orton got the advantage by throwing Miz twice into the security railing. Orton choked Miz and stomped him in his chest. Orton slungshot Miz with the ropes for a nearfall. Orton continued to dominated until Miz hit a hangman to Orton for a nearfall.

Miz took control by raking Orton’s face. Miz hit a high knee to Orton and got a ton of heat from the crowd. Miz suplexed Orton for a nearfall. Orton hit a backbreaker to the Miz and hit multiple clotheslines. Orton went for the DDT but the Miz countered out and Riley tripped Orton. Miz took Orton and threw him into the ring steps. [C]

The show returned Miz appling a sleeper but Orton quickly countered out. The Miz hit a big boot to Orton for a nearfall. Miz went to the top rope but Orton tripped him. Orton took shots at Miz in the corner and hit a superplex for a nearfall. Both men exchanged blows until Orton hit a fallaway slam to the Miz for a nearfall.

[Q2] The Miz hit the Reality Check to Orton for a nearfall. The Miz missed a big boot and Orton countered with a standing dropkick for a nearfall. Orton went for a powerbomb but Riley distracted Orton and Miz jumped on Orton in the corner. The Miz hit a DDT to Orton for a nearfall. The Miz went for the SCF but Orton countered out with a uppercut. Orton setup for the RKO but Riley distracted and The Miz tried to take advantage but he ran into a RKO. Orton covered but Riley got the Miz DQ’ed with the interference.


Post match, Orton tried to punt the Miz but Riley jumped in and eat a RKO. Footage was shown of Cena burying Wade Barrett, literally. Cena will face Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero later on. Backstage, Big Show, Rosa Mendes and Hornswoggle is coming to the ring, next…[C]

[Q3] Santa Show, Rosa and Hornswoggle came out to give gifts away. Show crushed a chair and fell on his ass. Santa got another chair and read the WWE version of Twas Night before Christmas which basically was a recap of the TLC PPV. They gave away more WWE junk to the crowd and Cody Rhodes came in the ring and beat the hell out of Horny and kicked the presents around.

Edge will address the crowd later tonight…[C]

The show returned with the announcers hyping the two-hour Tribute to the Troops show tomorrow night. Footage was shown of Cena returning to Raw acting like a jackass and the are playing the Dozens with Vickie’s weight. The handicap match was hyped again…

Todd Grisham interviewed Beth Phoenix about her nasty fall and Santino came in and asked about Beth’s injury. Santino asked Beth about kissing her. Beth asked Santino if he is seeing Tamina and Santino said thats on Raw and we are on SD…whatever happens on SD, stays on SD. Santino puckered up and Beth kissed Kozlov (who was holding mistletoe) and Santino starting to act stupid because Beth kissed Kozlov (and had the lipstick on his lips as evidence) and he got mesmerized by saying Glamazon when Beth left…[C]

[Q4] 2. WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella defeated Chavo Guerrero in 2:50. Chavo got the early advantage in the match with some clotheslines and kicks. Santino tossed Chavo out and Chavo beat on Santino. Chavo slammed Santino’s head in each corner until Santino hit his comedy offense. Chavo hit the two of the three Amigos until Santino hit a stunner and the Cobra for the win…

World Heavyweight Champion Edge will address the crowd, next…[C]


[Q5] Edge said for the past four weeks, has all the insanity to Kane has paid off and was it worth it. Edge said it was worth it because he is the new world heavyweight champion. He said the TLC match was career shortening but it was worth. He talked his 19 year career and being in the WWE, win the tag championship with Christian, win the IC title and become the world champion. He said it wasn’t cocky that he was talking about his accomplishments and Kane interrupted.

Kane said that he doesn’t want to hear anything because his story is finished. Kane said that Edge’s story will not have a happy ending because the world title coming back to him. Edge said nothing is more painful then hearing all his rambling and why don’t they face each other tonight for the world title. Kane came to the ring, smiled and asked if Edge can manipulate him that easy. Kane said that he is tired of going by Edge’s rules and he will face Edge when he is ready…

Swagger and Del Rio vs. Kofi and Rey is later tonight. The handicap match was hyped again…[C]

A hype video for Ezekiel Jackson was shown. Drew beat the hell out of Kaval before the match started and the ref asked if he was able to wrestle and Kaval said yes.

3. Drew McIntyre squashed Kaval in :25. Drew hit a big boot and the Future Shock DDT for the quick win…

[Q6] The Tribute to the Troops preview for tomorrow was shown. Rich Rod introduced Alberto Del Rio…[C]

4. Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston defeated Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger in 14:00. Del Rio beat on Rey and almost took Rey’s mask off. The heels beat on Rey like a rag doll. Rey set Del Rio up for the 619 but Del rio moved. Kofi tagged in, hit a inverted atomic drop and Rey hit a seated senton to Del Rio for a nearfall. Del Rio slid out of the ring when Rey moved and Swagger got tossed out by Kofi. Kofi and Rey hit double crossbodies to both heels…[C]


[Q7] The show returned with Del Rio applying a headlock to Rey. During the commerical, the heels worked on Rey with Del Rio hitting his running ensiguri. Swagger splashed on Rey for a nearfall. Swagger applied a inverted full Nelson to Rey. Rey countered out and tagged in Kofi. Kofi hit a crossbody and hit all his instant offense until Swagger hit a big boot to Kofi. The heels exchanged shots to Kofi in the corner and Swagger used his power to hold back Kofi. Kofi jumped off the ropes and hit a crossbody to Swagger. Del Rio and Rey entered the match.

Rey jumped and hit a tornado DDT to Del Rio and a swift kick for a nearfall. Del Rio pushed Rey and Rey ran but Del Rio hit a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. Rey set Del Rio for the 619 but Swagger tagged in and clotheslined Rey for a nearfall. Swagger went for the Gutwench but Rey countered out and setup for the 619. Del Rio tried to interfere but Rey hit him next to Swagger to setup for the double 619. Rey almost hit a double 619 but Del Rio moved and Swagger eat it. Del Rio got tossed out by Kofi. Kofi hit the Trouble in Paradise to Swagger and Rey splashed on Swagger to pick up the win…

The handicap match is still to come…[C]

[Q8] Backstage, Drew started to run game to Kelly Kelly again and he said that he will never hurt her…. In the locker room, Vickie was stretching and Dolph asked if she was sure about this match. Vickie pretty much made Dolph look like a punk and said if he really loves her, he should destroy Cena. She said if she made herself clear and he stretched her out…

Kane and Del Rio vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio is announced for next week…

5. John Cena defeated Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero in a handicap match in 13:30. Vickie got bat shit crazy trying to attack Cena but Dolph held her back. Cena hit snap neck takedown to Dolph and hit a clothesline after a leapfrog. Cean applied a side headlock and Dolph countered with a punch to Cena. Dolph continued with the attack the in the corner and Vickie tagged herself in.


Vickie pressed her weight on Cena and he used his hands to press her and Dolph tagged back in. Dolph hit some elbows to Cena and punched in the corner. Cena hit a bulldog to Dolph for a nearfall. The crowd chanted Vickie sucks and Cena went for the AA but Dolph countered with a DDT for a nearfall. Dolph choked Cena out on the ropes and hit a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Cena got knocked out of the ring and Dolph tried to slam Cena’s head into the ringsteps but Cena powered out attacked Dolph.

[Overrun] Cena tossed Dolph back in the ring and hit a standing dropkick for a nearfall. Cena suplexed Dolph and both men exchanged shots. Cena missed the shoulderblock and fle out of the ring. Vickie kicked Cena in the knee and Cena botched a gutwrench to Dolph. Vickie distracted Cena and Dolph applied a headlock. Cena powered out but Dolph hit a chinbuster for a nearfall. Dolph was getting ready to finish Cena off, but Vickie tagged in and missed a splash.

Dolph got back in the match and Cena hit his bland ass offense and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena went for the AA, but Dolph hit a Rocker Dropper to Cena for a nearfall. Dolph missed the Zig Zag and Cena locked in the STF. Vickie got in the ring and bitched to Cena. Cena made out with Vickie and Cena hit the AA to Dolph to win the match. Post match, Cena was going to hit the AA to Vickie but C.M. Punk came out and destroyed Cena with a chairshot to the gut and got a ton of heat from the crowd.