WWE NXT Results – December 21, 2010

WWE NXT on WWE.com (Live from San Antonio, Texas)

Report by ProWrestling.net

The show opened with a recap of last week’s challenge… The horrible “Wild and Young” theme song played…

Josh Matthews introduced the show on commentary and turned it over to Matt Striker, who was standing on the stage with the NXT pros, who were all seated. Striker introduced the NXT rookies. Striker ran through the immunity point standings. No one cared…

It was time for the wheelbarrow race. Jack Swagger’s Soaring Eagle came out and sat in the wheelbarrow to make it tougher on the rookies. Johnny Curtis was up first. Striker made him do a restart because he left a second early. Curtis crossed the line in 13 seconds. No one cared.

Jacob Novak was up next. He crossed the line in 12.8 seconds to take the lead. No one cared. Brodus Clay was up next. Clay crossed the line in 13.8 seconds and the Eagle took a tumble, so a few people actually cared enough to laugh. Conor O’Brian took the lead with 12.7 seconds, and we’re back to no one caring.

Byron Saxton wore a big black glove. The Master Blaster is really pissed wherever he is. Saxton took the lead, but Derrick Bateman tied him. Bateman protested because he thought he won. No one cared. They had a second running. Saxton got heat during his run.

There was massive controversy as Saxton dumped the wheelbarrow near the line. They actually did a replay to determine that his time counted because the wheelbarrow crossed the line before tipping over. Bateman won the competition with his second running. No one other than him cared. He pulled out an American flag for reasons that only he and his maker would know…