Details On The New Scoring System For WWE NXT

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There’s a new twist to the scoring system on WWE NXT in season four. Some of the NXT Rookie Challenges will be worth more immunity points than others. These challenges will be selected randomly, and will surprise not only the NXT Rookies, but the WWE Universe.’s Joey Styles talked to WWE NXT host Matt Striker about the exciting new element in the competition to become WWE’s next breakout star! How do you think the new scoring system will affect the show?

Matt Striker: I think it’s going to be up to the mentality of each individual competitor. That’s really what we’re going to have to see. The guys who can look past the mind games, and just go out there and physically perform and show their passion for becoming WWE’s next breakout star, they will excel. The ones that allow this mentality of “Oh my God, this is two points, what am I going to do?!” – they may very well crack under the pressure because any athlete out there knows the minute your mind starts going, your feet get tangled up and your body doesn’t do what you’re naturally gifted to do. The system of having the challenges between eliminations count toward immunity debuted in season three. How do you feel about the format carrying into season four?

Striker: Some will argue that compromise is the nature of the competition by allowing the WWE Universe and the WWE Pros to vote, but at the same time, what exactly are you voting on? You’re voting on who should be WWE’s next breakout star. So if these NXT Rookies can earn immunity and earn your trust and earn your eyes, then they deserve to move on forward and deeper into the competition. It all depends on if you’re a purist, or if you really like to see the true competition WWE NXT brings on.