Daniels On TNA Release, Confusion Over His Nickname

The following is a recap of a recent Christopher Daniels interview from InYourHeadOnline.com:

Jack brings up the ROH Plymouth show on Friday December 17th. Daniels is looking forward to returning to Plymouth. Jack brings up the chants Tyler Black got last time ROH was in Plymouth. Daniels thought a few of the chants were below the belt.

On December 17, Christopher Daniels will be wrestling ROH student Andy Ridge. Daniels is looking forward to wrestling Ridge. Daniels has not had the opportunity to stop by the ROH wrestling school. Daniels thinks the school gives the students instant credibility.

This Saturday on December 18, Daniels will be wrestling Homicide live on IPPV at the Final Battle event. Daniels notes that himself and Homicide had a encounters in the early days of ROH but they had plenty in TNA. Daniels thinks it is going to be difficult wrestling Homicide but he feels confident considering he won ROH TV Championship recently.

Changed Man asks how high would Daniels rank Taka Michinoku as favorite opponent. Daniels says “pretty high” and notes that Taka was helpful in bringing Daniels to Japan.

Jack brings up Daniels ROH TV Championship win which Daniels is very proud. Daniels feels that former champion Eddie Edwards is going to have a very bright future. Jack asks Daniels who he believes will win the Strong vs. Richards match this Saturday. Daniels believes that Richards will come out on top. “Davey by a hair.”

Daniels notes that just because he won the ROH TV Championship doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in going for the ROH World Championship.

Jack asks a question from Roderick Strong who asked “how old is Christopher Daniels?” Daniels laughs and says Strong knows how old Daniels is!

OIB asks if Daniels was disappointed with his feud with Sting. Daniels was only disappointed about how quickly the angle ended. Daniels did enjoy his match with Sting at Slammiversary, though.

Jack brings up the Fallen Angel name. Daniels feels that TNA never understood why Daniels was called the Fallen Angel. Daniels wanted TNA to focus more on Daniels being Christopher Daniels and the Fallen Angel just be a nickname.

Jason calls in and asks about a four way match at ECWA involving Daniels, Low Ki, American Dragon and Scoot Andrews. Daniels doesn’t believe that match had a great impact on the creation of ROH. Daniels talks about how ROH owners saw a tournament in APW called the King of the Indies. Daniels thinks former Jim Kettner is a genius and has a great eye for talent.

Jason also asks if the ROH/TNA conflict in 2004 caused Daniels/Punk’s feud was a lost opportunity. Daniels does believe it was a lost opportunity as he and Punk were just starting to heat things up with the feud when the conflict occurred. Daniels puts over ROH officials for being able to produce a positive out of it.

Nikhil calls in and asks what changes Daniels noticed when Hogan and Bischoff came into TNA. Daniels saw different people in creative, and several guys coming into the company. Daniels was one of the guys who had to take a step back. Daniels may have not agreed with the moves but respected it. Nikhil also asks who told Daniels about the release. Daniels didn’t ask for the release and doesn’t want to name names on who called him because that isn’t relevant.

Jack asks how ROH has changed since the last time Daniels was there. Daniels thinks the only change in ROH has been the talent. Daniels says the talent in ROH is very hungry to make a name for themselves.

Jack also asks if Daniels would like to be on the creative side of the wrestling business. Daniels has mixed feelings on that. Daniels thinks he comes up with a good idea once in awhile but greatly respects the guys who have/currently book Ring of Honor.

Joel calls in and asks if Daniels still hangs out with Curry Man. Daniels says he doesn’t hang out with Curry Man because “he loves to drink.” Joel asks how Curry Man was able to adapt to American crowds after working Japanese crowds. Daniels thinks Curry Man was thrilled to be in the United States and adapted well to the country.

Joel also asks if Daniels believes that former WWE wrestlers will come to ROH to prove that they are good instead of going to TNA. Daniels thinks it depends on the wrestler who is released. Daniels also knows that ROH may not be the ideal company for former WWE wrestlers to come into.

You can see Christopher Daniels on Monday’s at 8pm ET on ROH’s television show ROH on HDNET. Also, Daniels will be wrestling in Plymouth, MA against Andy Ridge. Most importantly, Daniels will be wrestling Homicide at the IPPV Final Battle. For more information go to www.rohwrestling.com and www.gofightlive.tv