WWE Teams With Netflix, Jeff Hardy Furious Over PPV Reports

Starting December 20th, both "Legendary" and "Knucklehead" will be available on the Netflix streaming service, reports PWInsider.com. Netflix and WWE recently came to an agreement to offer WWE Studios films via the Netflix streaming service.

TNA Champion Jeff Hardy recently posted the following on his Twitter account in response to reports concerning his behavior at TNA’s Final Resolution PPV:

"AllThaTalkAboutLastSunday…. forThoseOfYouThatBelievedThoseWords… FUCKYOU!!!!SoWrong…SoWrong!!!!!I’m bustingMyAss2 helpTNA… Period!!"

"Can’t StressEnough… ifYouBelievedThoseWords… FUCKYOU!!!!!"

"ThaStoryIsDead… becauseitShouldHaveNeverBeenBorn!!!SoWrong!!!!!"