Daniels Speaks On TNA Release, ROH Status, More

The following is an excerpt from a new article on the Miami Herald website:

The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels ended last year in main events for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

That changed in the weeks that followed when TNA ventured into a new creative direction.

In March, the veteran was released from his TNA contract. Daniels saw this as an opportunity to return to his old stomping grounds in the Philadelphia-based Ring of Honor.

“Obviously I was disappointed when the regime change came around, and I guess they decided to downplay what I had done in the past and use me less,” said Daniels, who will face Homicide at the ROH Final Battle Internet pay-per-view 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 18 in New York City.

“These are things that happen, and you kind of got to roll with the punches. When I got the call in March that they weren’t going to use me anymore. Again, I was disappointed. I thought it was a bad decision on their part, but it was a decision that they made. You try to roll with the punches and land on your feet.

“I was fortunate to have a good relationship with Jim Cornette and with Adam Pearce, who was at Ring of Honor at the time and with [ROH owner] Cary Silkin. That was literally the first phone call I made was to get in touch with them and see if there was a position for me or to see if there was any interest in me rejoining Ring of Honor.

“Luckily, the answer was yes.”

The veteran holds no ill feelings toward his former employer. He remains on good terms with TNA President Dixie Carter, a business relationship built on mutual respect.

With that said, Daniels, 39, is eager to contribute to ROH as they continue to grow and evolve.

“I want TNA to succeed,” said Daniels.

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